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Working with you to achieve your goals. 


Do you have concerns about your work space or home environment?


Do you want to know how to make the most out of your resources while reducing workplace injuries for your staff?

Do you have concerns about home safety or the risk of falls at home?


An on-site Elite Ergo Consulting assessment can answer those questions. We can provide you with practical ergonomic solutions to reduce injuries and improve home safety.

Covid-19 Up-date:

Virtual Ergonomic Assessment consultations now available. Some conditions apply.


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Delivery Services



How do injuries happen?


What can you do to reduce your risk? 


With an aging workforce, how can you improve workplace safety?


At Elite Ergo Consulting, we believe in the the phrase "knowledge is power".  We provide individual or group education sessions on a broad range of topics.


From the basic principles of musculoskeletal injuries to ergonomic design concepts, Elite Ergo Consulting can tailor an education session to meet your needs.   With years of experience developing and delivering education, our sessions are informative, practical and fun! Our goal is to provide you with the tools to create a workplace or home environment that thrives! 

Covid-19 Up-date:

Virtual Ergonomic Education sessions now available! Some conditions apply.


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Are you building a new workspace?


Planning on renovating your current home?


Buying new equipment?


Consider how the layout, environment and equipment will impact both home and work settings.  Ergonomic designs can reduce injuries, improve safety and increase the overall productivity for all. 

Ergo Elite Consulting can work with you to create the home and office environment that allows individuals and companies to thrive. 

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