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The Ergonomics of Working from Home - How to Reduce Injuries



Ergo Elite Consulting was developed by occupational therapists (O.T.) who are committed to home and workplace safety. We believe that practical education and ergonomic principles can reduce injuries and improve productivity.  Ergonomic consultations can be beneficial for many individuals including those with existing health concerns such as musculoskeletal injuries or arthritis.  We come to you! Consultation are are available in your home or workplace setting. 
Education for clients and staff is a cornerstone of our company as we firmly believe the well known phrase "knowledge is power"!
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Our goal at Ergo Elite...

is to provide your company, program, home or workplace with effective ergonomic solutions designed to boost your business, large or small, while improving productivity and client safety.

Our experienced occupational therapists will work with you to review your goals and work environment challenges.  Our collaborative consultation will provide you with comprehensive and practical recommendations for your workplace.


  • ​Ergonomic program development

  • On-site assessments

  • Injury risk analysis

  • Office workstation assessments

  • Staff training 

  • Education sessions

  • Design consulting for new builds or renovations

  • ​Equipment recommendations

  • Accessiblilty review

  • Organizational design

  • WorksafeBC Standards

  • Home safety assessments

  • Virtual Education 

  • Virtual Ergonomic Assessments

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